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Your Weekly Playlist: Get In Your Bag With Kim Rix


It’s that time of the year…college football, odd meal mixes, and expensive ass textbooks.

We caught up with recent University of Memphis graduate, Kim Rix as she reminisces on college life. After graduating from Southwest Community College, she was burned out on school. She missed all the scholarship deadlines, so she decided not to continue her college career. A month later, she filled out the application to the U of M, an hour before the application deadline for undergrad, not knowing how she would pay tuition that late in the game. She was accepted 3 days before the fall semester started in 2015, “Talk about a jacked up schedule.”

The next month after school started, our fashion favorite was offered a management position at Forever 21. “After a few months, I thought I could do both but whew chile, my grades started dropping like it’s hot with Pharrell and Snoop.” She found a balance the next semester.

“I was in my bag and I did not want to let it go. I went from loving my job, to hating it because it was holding me back from everything I wanted to do. At the same time, all my checks went toward my tuition. I was making money but I wasn’t progressing like I wanted to. I was stuck like chuck in a toxic work environment.”

Her graduation date shifted from May 2017 to December 2017.

She let go of her management position. She was unemployed, and uncomfortable financially. “I had all the worries in the world. Stepping out on faith at the beginning was hella hard,” said Rix.

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Year 2017 hit and Kim had a new attitude. “My mental was healthy as fuck. I can’t even explain the blessings and opportunities that started unfolding in front of my eyes. This year for sure prepared me for 2018. I was in my bag, and I still am.”

Her final words, “It’s okay to go on your path. Be gentle with yourself. You’ll get to your destination no matter how long it takes you.”

Words for your Friday, followed by a mix featuring artists like The Internet, Chance The Rapper, The Carters, Wave Chapelle, Kanye West, and more. Stream it below. And check out some of our favorite Kim Rix looks.

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