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Trap R&B But Still Moody AF: Ashley Leone is Back with “Battery”

3oz of emotion, 2cups of honesty, 1/2cup of overthinking, 1/2tbsp hoodies & sneakers, 1tbsp sass, 2tbsp chill.

What happens when you’re R&B af, but you release a pop bop, and now you have to get back to you? Ashley Leone bounces back in 2019 with her sound, her way.

Ashley played us her new single over the phone before airing on The CW’s Black Lightning, and all we could say was “Mood all 2019”. We talked all about her new single, her move to Los Angeles, and her 2019 comeback. Check it out below.

How are you feeling?

I’m good! Honestly, I’m excited that this is out because it wasn’t so much pressure on it. I’m forming a plan to release shit after but it just kind of took that anxiety away…like this is easy, this is happening,

How would you describe the sound for this record?

I would say it’s a little bit trappy…definitely trap R&B. The drums are definitely trappy and the producer raps on it, but it has an R&B melody.

So you’re not coming into 2019 moody? Is it more upbeat?

Oh no. It’s moody, and it’s kinda sad [laughs].

[Laughs] I really dig that, actually. What is it about? Where did it come from?

It’s essentially about taking back control from a relationship. I actually wrote it about two years ago. I was getting out of this relationship, but I felt like he still had control over my emotions because I was still sad about the relationship ending. It’s about that moment where you’re just like okay, listen, I’m taking back my shit.

Mood all 2019!


Is there a line in that record that stands out to you?

I would say the chorus really. The line is “I won’t be your battery. Every second, every hour, you’re losing all your power over me.” And even though that was based on a relationship from awhile ago, I feel like I can relate that to other relationships and current things that I’m experiencing. It’s a somber type song because it’s about a girl just being sick of this shit and taking back your control. There’s a power to it, but still a little soft because she’s realizing her worth.

Is there anything you’ve learned from the experiences you’ve had in the past year that has impacted your creation process for your next set of material or your last record?

Yes. Last year was like the biggest turning point for me in terms of learning about myself, relationships, and the music industry because it was my first year with an actual industry contract. Really, my entire life was consumed by music last year, which is great and I love that. I don’t have to waitress anymore, thank God [laughs]. A lot of things were frustrating though and I had to figure out what I want, and what I want as an artist. I had to answer the question, why do I do this? I realized that people work differently, and as a songwriter, I’m down to write whatever. Some days, we just go in and write a song, easy. But for myself and my own music, I want to tell the story of what I’ve been through. That’s why I started writing music in the first place. So, I think that I’ve learned what I want as an artist, what I want to say as an artist, and what I stand for.

And that’s the best part. Learning who you are as an artist and no longer letting other people decide for you. And I know that’s easier said than done.

Yes! I think that’s what I’ve learned most this past year because I had been looking for validation from other people about what I should do. And that was the frustrating part. It did force me to gain this confidence, and honestly, I’m still gaining it. I’m still learning to listen to myself and listen to my gut about what I want to do. I would be in meetings and ask what they like best or who they want me to be or sound like. And I’ve always known that I wasn’t satisfied with some things but I had to get frustrated first to come to the point where I no longer wanted to please other people.

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I love that. That’s so important! And now knowing this, what’s next for you?

You can definitely expect some singles and a project. It will either be a mixtape or an EP, I’m just trying to narrow it down and I’m really bad at narrowing it down. I may just do a mixtape with hella songs. I’m going to be moving to LA in April.

Record scratch. LA? Wow! How did you make that decision?

I’ve been wanting to go to LA since high school. It’s really just because the last two times that I’ve been there, it’s been way more opportunities than I’ve ever had in Nashville. So it just makes more sense for me to be out there doing what I’m doing.

Well that’s amazing! LA is crazy but you’re going to have the best time of your life and I know you’re going to be mad successful out there.

I know! Thank you!

You can stream “Battery” below and be sure to keep up with Ashley Leone @ashleyleone on Instagram.

All photo credits: Acacia Evans

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