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The Modest Closet: Meet Little Miss Ashley

The questions you’ve never seen, the mind you’ve never knew, the girl you want to know.

We sat down with Little Miss Ashley, aka Stoney, to talk about her style and expression.

Check it out below.

Tell us about Ashley.

Yes, Ashley is my real name. I am 26 years young, originally from Orange County, California. I left home when I was 18 years old and I’ve been on the move ever since. I’ve lived many places and I never really stay somewhere for too long because nowhere seems to feel quite like home. I’m different, to say the least, I’ve always felt different. I’m not your average person, woman or black woman. My thoughts, the way I live and my beliefs are as unique as my style.

So, who is Stoney in so many words?

So, Stoney, oddly enough, was the name of my childhood dog. I had Stoney for 13 years until we put him down. He was a crazy little silky terrier that now brings back so many memories of my childhood, which was an important time in my life because it shaped me into this creative person that you all see today. And yes, I do smoke weed so the name seemed fitting.

How did you get into styling, collecting and just expressing yourself?

Well, I’ve always been into clothes and creating my own look since high school. I’m typically a pretty quiet person, so I’ve always enjoyed using my style as a way to stand out and express myself without having to really do or say much. I think the styling began with cutting up clothes that I had, then my mom was yelling at me for doing that, so whenever I would go to the thrift store with her I would grab clothes from there and cut them up. My mom has always been a bargain shopper so that’s where my love for thrifting really began. When I was in high school I still wore a lot of Forever21 and so did every other girl there. That really bothered me. I hated wearing something and then seeing 5 other girls that day in the same exact thing. So that’s when I started to switch it up and grab 90’s and vintage clothes from the thrift store and I put the scissors down because I realized I was grabbing some pretty treasurable pieces.

How far do you plan on going with styling and do you have a message in this, or is it just what’s in your heart?

I’m not sure how far I plan on going with styling, but I would like to see myself styling for magazines, tv shows, movies, and fashion shows one day. It’s something that I realized I’m very good at naturally and enjoy doing. I would love to get to a point where I’m able to support myself off of it and see it open the door for other opportunities. I don’t have to be doing any of this right now, there isn’t much money that I make from this currently, all it’s giving me is a purpose. Everyone has a purpose here that they need to discover. Styling allows for me to be creative while having fun and making other people feel good. It challenges me at times while also enhancing my skills and interest. Fashion is my main focus right now but it simply isn’t enough for me. I want to do and birth legendary work in whatever I put my mind to, and I want to inspire the next person to do the same.

If you could style anyone you wanted right now, who would it be?

Oh that’s a hard question. Probably Solange tho, she’s so eccentric, and I think us together would create magic.

What does your love life look like as an outfit?

Hmmm. As an outfit, my love life is looking very loose but fitting with stylish layers and a bright handsome accessory to stand out from time.

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Can you take us inside your perfect day?

A perfect day for me is waking up somewhere new and exotic. Start the day at like 6 in the morning, find a beach, trail, or jungle to explore, run/walk along with an amazing playlist of mixes and instrumentals…afterwards discover new and delicious food to try, find a local store or flea market to shop at and buy clothes, jewelry, home decor, fruits and vegetables. Meet new people, have a drink or two with some joints being passed around over good conversation. Create something, anything, learn something. Find somewhere to go dancing, and dance for hours, laugh with the people closest to me, play games, take pictures, make memories….and finally end the night having sex, lots and lots of sex, I might even get pregnant on this day.

You love being nude. Could you express to the world why this is such a part of you and how did you become so comfortable with yourself, to allow your body to be free?

I do love nudity. I love it when it’s not degrading and more so when it’s admiring art and inspiring people to be confident and comfortable in their skin. Everything that you do starts with confidence. I became comfortable with myself when I started taking nude pictures and realizing, “damn, I’m beautiful as hell.” I promise that’s not arrogance or being conceited, it’s self love and that is a very freeing feeling.

I guess our last question will be, where does Stoney see herself when all the noise is quiet, and nobody can see her?

When everything settles and it’s just me, all I want is to be genuinely happy. I’m okay with crying at times and having mental breakdowns, it’s needed, but once I get through those times, I want to be genuinely happy, blessed, and content with my life. I don’t ever want to do anything for social media or just the wrong reasons. I’m too selfish as hell really. I do all of this for ME. However, I am so grateful and I appreciate all of the people who take interest in my work or simply just feel inspired by it, you all keep me motivated to go that much harder.

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