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R&B Meets Trap With Micki Jayy

The other day I was scrolling through different playlists on Spotify trying to find new music. For a while, I felt like I was stuck listening to the same old music. And that’s when I found something I fell in love with. The song was “Love You Different” by a young artist named Micki Jayy. As soon as I heard her soft and soothing voice, I knew this was someone I needed to know; so, I reached out. Her music is when R&B meets Trap, but her voice gives it a soulful vibe. 

Micki Jayy is a 21 years old independent artist who is based in Singapore and wants her music and stories to be heard by the world. The talented young singer can play the guitar, Brazilian drums, and can dabble a bit on the keyboard. In addition, she is a multilingual singer. She can sing songs in Korean, Thai, Arab, Russian, Spanish and Hindi. 

“As I grew older, I myself wanted to be heard, wanted to share my part of the story in the sense of music,” Micki Jayy said. 

Jayy started making music her passion when she was 15. She started just with her guitar and her soulful voice. It is now over 10 years since she found that music is her biggest passion. 

It wasn’t until she uploaded her first song on SoundCloud that she felt that making music was her calling. But her family didn’t support her until she released her first single “My Wave.” That’s when she received attention for her work, and her family started to believe this was her calling. Now her mom is her biggest support and fan. 

Micki Jayy’s biggest music inspiration is Justin Bieber and has been since she was 11 years old. “He has spread so much positivity to the world and made others open their eyes and help the communities in need. As much as he has his bad days, I’m sure it happens to everyone else too,” she said about Justin Bieber.

“My work literally shows that even if you do things independently you can do it if you really want to. And if you keep trying, you might be successful in years to come. A small effort is better than no effort,” said Jayy.

Her latest single “Love You Differently” takes on the touchy subject of moving on from a toxic relationship. Using real-life experience, she wrote about someone being troubled by their past relationships, and not seeing who has been there for them. The song was meant for someone who has been hurt. When asked about what the song was about, she said, “I’ve always been observant, I could see how he/she has been suffering. I wanted to let him/her know that they deserve way better. Instead of making it into a sad tune, I switched it to an upbeat song to convey the message in the happiest way.” 

When Jayy was in school, she was bullied and always looked badly upon. Because of those experiences, she faced a lot of issues within herself. So, she wrote the track “No Time. This song was written for all her haters and people who mistreated her.   The lyrics, “I don’t do revenge, no karma. So, say what you want about me” resonated with her deeply.”

“I’m doing much better now even if they’re still hating on me. Having people hating on you simply means they are unhappy that you are doing well in life. I chose to see it in a positive way,” Jayy about her song “No Time.”

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“I hoped to be able to interact more with the people listening to my songs and to always write well enough, to keep them attracted,” she said. 

She hopes her music lets people know that they should never give up on their passion. You never know if tomorrow is your calling. She also believes that anyone can survive with positivity in mind. 

The biggest influence in her life is her mother because of the lessons and wisdom she instilled. She learned how to be strong and that nothing can get in her way when she wants something good for herself. “I wouldn’t be here doing what I’ve always wanted to,” said Jayy.

Micki Jayy will be dropping her EP in a few months. She tells me that the EP will be exploring many different genres, and it will have more heartfelt lyrics Each on her tracks will be based on something she has experienced. 

While we patiently wait for her EP to drop, you can listen to her music that’s available on all streaming services. And you can also follow her on Instagram @mickijayy_. She does regular updates about her music on her Instagram account.

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