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R.U.D.Y Brings “BLVCKLIGHT” To The Decibel Stage

R.U.D.Y Brings “BLVCKLIGHT” To The Decibel Stage

R.U.D.Y went from writing songs in a hip-hop theater after school program, to headlining his first solo show in the Decibel concert series. The Alien Dream rapper has been making waves throughout the city of Memphis, performing at some of your favorite local venues alongside some incredible artists. The Brekfast team caught up with R.U.D.Y to discuss the meaning behind “Blacklight” and the importance of the Decibel concert series for local Black artists. Check out the conversation below.

Whats the background story of Blacklight?

So Boom. I’m making a record with my homie and we need a name to call the song. Often times when making music when a record isn’t complete we call it something random just so we can find the file later. He told me to call it black light because he had one just randomly by his laptop. With no pun intended a light bulb went off and I began to think about what a black light does and how it’s used. Black light is used to illuminate the things you can’t see with your own eyes. That’s what I want my music and movement to do for people. Especially black people. To show the strength that’s inside of us that we often sometimes believe isn’t there because of the woes and pressures of life that can blind us.

How important do you feel the Decibel concert series is for young, Black emerging artists?

This series is important because like myself it gives us an Opportunity to really showcase what it is we have to offer to the world. Often times young black artists come from places that don’t have any sort of resource that allows us to have an option to even begin to dream in the first place. Most of the time the only thing that separates people in this world from success is access to an opportunity.  This opportunity is something that could potentially quite literally change the perspective of an artist to believe in themselves enough to keep going so that one day they can really live the life that they’ve always seen for themselves.

What is your recipe? What does it take to be Rudy?

What is my recipe? I say that I’m made up of perseverance passion pain and the fear of mediocrity. That’s the recipe to being me. My process is exactly like the recipe.

Who are some artists you’d love to see perform for the Decibel series?

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Some people I love to see you on the decibel series would probably be Austin Cruise, gold perm, Sleepy Knox, and most definitely hippy soul. Also.  Boss Ladi and Sum Dude for sure! I really think he would kill it. Also ISpeakWithAGift!

Be sure to pull up to The CMPLX this Saturday.

You don’t want to miss this.

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