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Premiere: Ben Chandler Gets Emotional On “With You”

Premiere: Ben Chandler Gets Emotional On “With You”

1oz of art, 1oz of free thought, 1oz of self doubt.

If you haven’t heard of Ben Chandler before today, you’re in for a special Brekfast treat. We caught up with the With You singer to talk through his recent release and future releases. Check it out below.

Is “With You” a snippet of a new song, or just a preview of what we can expect from you?

It’s a full song. I didn’t want to drop anything long, just something to show what I’m aiming towards. I tend to experiment a lot when I work so honestly it’s mainly a song that made me happy.

Who is Ben Chandler?

I’d like to say Ben Chandler is someone who will be your friend but also be extremely introverted. He’s a big lover.

We also saw that you create beats/production. Who are some of your influences?

When it comes to making a beat from scratch my influences are usually from things I’ve recently heard or a specific genre I have in mind. If I’m thinking of a Bieber pop kinda vibe I’ll try to make something unique with a sprinkle of things I hear in his beats. Honestly it all depends on who I’m making the beat for and what I’m feeling in the moment.

My influences would have to be The Beatles, John Mayer, City and Colour, Frank Ocean, Fleetwood Mac, Mac Demarco, there’s so many to name.

What is “With You” about? Where did this record come from?

It’s about the yin and yang of relationships. How one part of it can be amazingly unique, while another part can be amazingly awful. This song kinda just came from a session I had on my lanai one night as I recorded a voice memo. I later re-listened and heard the melody and was like “I should record this”.

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How long have you been making music? What instruments do you play and can we expect any live production on future releases?

I’ve been making music ever since I learned how to play the drums which was when I was like six? I would jam a lot with my dad and stuff, it was dope. I picked up the guitar when I was in seventh-grade and was always coming up with melodies in my head as I played but I guess I never really started recording at a studio till I was seventeen. I would always make home demos on audacity though. Studios kinda scare me.

Well actually all the instruments on this song were all played live, I enjoy making things from scratch. I recorded myself playing the guitar through my microphone and recorded the drums through my Roland TD-4 electric drum kit. Definitely expect more live instruments!

How would you describe your sound?

An at home, fresh air kind of sound. If that makes sense. I don’t really know, I just make my music 🙂 . 

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