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Photographer Amy Lidgett Talks The Creative Scene in London

Amy Lidgett is a London-based photographer with a expertise in portrait photography. With simple, yet beautiful concepts, her work has been featured on websites like Wonderland and We came across Amy on Instagram and slid in her email to ask her a few questions about the creative scene in London, her first camera, and whether or not photography is a more restricting or liberating art form. Check it out below.

Who are you and what do you do creatively?

I’m a fashion and portraiture photographer who’s a 5”2 weirdo that doesn’t like cheese, but you’ll love me I promise.

Did you grow up in London? 

I actually only moved to London 10 months ago. I grew up in a little place called Hadfield, which is 30 minutes out of Manchester. It’s a small town close to the Peak District. Fun fact, league of gentlemen was filmed there haha.

What is the creative scene like there?

The creative scene in London is mint. So many creatives, exhibitions and events. Always something exciting going on and loads of people to collaborate with. And you meet people in the most unlikely places.

Do you remember your first camera?

Yeah it was an Olympus OM10 which was my dads 21st birthday present. I specifically remember him saying I can’t have it and was only allowed to borrow it. However, I still have it 10 years on. Sorry dad.

What’s your favorite camera now?

My Pentax 67ii. It’s super heavy and kinda loud but if you can get your hands on one, I’d recommend it a hundred times over. 

Your portrait photography is so beautiful and simple. I think that now, people are fighting to go above and beyond for concepts, and the idea gets lost within the image to where it doesn’t make sense. What is your creative process like when developing shoot concepts and ideas?

Thanks!! I like to keep my concepts quite simple mostly. Sometimes I love to create a story when shooting an editorial, and will make moodboards full of references so myself and the team understand the concept fully. 

A lot of the time with portraits I love just capturing the person behind the lens as they are. I love shooting on film as I feel it adds more emotion. It feels like you could be there in the room with them.

I see that you’ve shot for a few websites like Wonderland and, what are those conversations like? Do you submit things for them or have they personally reached out to you?

It’s a mix of both. Sometimes I’ll shoot and then submit, others I’ll pitch an idea before hand so the stylist can get a pull letter. And then I also have magazines contact me. The conversations for me are always exciting because I love having the opportunity to share my work on platforms I admire.

Do you believe that photography is an art form?

Yeah for sure. I think anything can be looked at as a form of art. I think it’s quite special how you can capture an image and it’s your interpretation on it and no one else. You can capture a moment and I think that’s super special.

Would you say it’s more liberating or restricting than other art forms?

I think it’s what you make of it. I love it because I can capture things that I find visually pleasing and capture emotions, feelings, memories. I can document anything. And it will always live on. That’s very liberating right. I don’t think anything is restricting if you’re passionate about it.

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Where do you draw inspiration? For me, social media is so hard because I find myself clicking through hashtags and different publications like Milk and Adolescent…I see these ideas and I want to recreate them but I don’t want to copy them. It’s so difficult.

Yeah sometimes is difficult when you see an image you wish you took. But instead of copying, you need to take inspiration from elements of it and look deeper into it. For example if you love the lighting, recreate that but add your own spin on things! 

I get inspiration from so many things but recently it’s been my home town and memories. I also like to look at characters from films or books and take inspiration from there.

Nature is a huge inspiration though. I love watching a thunderstorm from inside because it just has this romantic essence about it. And the sky creates such magical colours. And colour is so important to me. I love the golden hour too, that light just gets me excited haha. 

Can you choose a favorite photo or shoot? (I know this is hard lol)

I don’t think I can just yet. I recently took some photos of my best friend on her birthday the morning after we camped on a beach in Wales. Those photographs are special because I love capturing the people I love. I’ve recently shot some portraits of my Grandad too and I’m excited to get the film back from that.

Last question, what do you want to be known for in the next 5 years?

I’d just want to be known for my work. I’d love for people to see my photography and just instantly know the images were shot by me. Like you instantly know when something was shot by Petra Collins. I feel like my style has evolved a lot in the past few years so it will be interesting to see how it will grow in the next five.

You can follow Amy on Instagram at @aplidgett

Check out her website by clicking here.

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