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Myylo Brings Us Into “Sad Boy” Fall

Myylo is back just in time for Sad Boy fall and he’s brought a new single with him. We caught up with the now Los Angeles-based singer to get the deets on his new music, and we even have those tour dates ready for ya. Check it out below.

What was the process for creating such a bop [laughs]?

Hehe. I wrote “Sad Boys” alone over the course of a couple months actually. I was sitting on the Sad Boys concept for a while and just couldn’t decide where I wanted it to go. It took many twists and turns. Then, I started thinking about what it means to be sad boy and why it is that men are ill equipped to handle their own emotions.  After cracking the lyric, I took the song to my buddy Dillon Deskin (Lost Boy) to knock out the production. He also helped craft that cute lil outro.

What does this record mean to you?

This record is an examination of how men in American society are taught to be unfeeling and, thus, ill equipped to hand their own emotions. I wanted to create a counterpoint for that narrative and say to my fans and new listeners that feeling things, even when they don’t feel good, is important.

How do you imagine people listening to this record?

I imagine people listening to this song with their eyes closed alone in a dark room at night. I want this song to make people think about the way they deal with their own sadness and imagine ways to confront that honestly.

Can you talk about your sexuality and how it influences your drive to be a positive force in the music industry?

Sure! Community building has always been a big part of my life – I was in my high school’s GSA and on a few LGTBQ boards in college. As I’ve grown up and entered the big, bag world of the music I’ve tried to find ways to extend that mission. I’ve started an organization called RNBW with a few friends that highlight queer + trans artists in Nashville. As an artist, its important for me to inscribe queer stories into songs and give my fans visions of themselves in music.

You recently went from Nashville to Los Angeles, how has that changed things for you?

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Yes! Such a good move. For me its brought me closer to some of my songwriting dreams and opened me up to new great collaborators. Otherwise I’m still super focused on putting out music and hitting the road as often as possible.

What else do you have in store for our sad boy/sad girl fall?

Thotumn is upon us! I’ve got some more new music and a fall tour planned!  I’m very very very hype for people to hear the new music.

Myylo is also going on tour! Check and see if your city is listed, and be sure to grab yourself some tickets.

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