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Mixing Nikes and Pleated Skirts: Cristina Clavell Talks ‘Comfort Chic’


If there is one blogger that I keep up with on their takes on fashion, it is Cristina. Her style is a perfect mash-up of luxury and streetwear, pairing her classic Gucci and Off-White accessories with the newest pair of Nike’s. I have always related so much to her sense of style, so I was super excited when I finally got a chance to sit down and catch up with Cristina. We talked about fashion and keeping it real on her blog.

M: I really wanted to sit down with you because I love your personal style. You can literally dress for any event thrown at you. What is your thought process when putting together an outfit?

C: Really, I’ll go into my closet and just pick out everything that’s in my mind that I might want to wear. I usually have specific things at the forefront of my mind that I want to wear or something new that I just bought, so I’ll just try to pair whatever is in my closet with those items. By the end of it my closet is a mess, but I really like to play around with what I have and pair things up that I never have before. I’ll also just lay in bed and envision things in my closet that might look cute together.

M: Your street style is on point and I love how you can take a pair of Nike’s or a pair of sweats and dress it up for the club.

C: It’s a big problem to get into clubs [laughs], but I like to be unique. I like the effortless look of taking a pair of Nike’s and pairing it with a pleated skirt and dressy shirt. Nike is huge in Chicago too so that has definitely influenced me.

M: What excites you most about fashion?

C: I mean I’ve loved fashion since I was a kid. I love seeing how designers can take something that is ordinary and every-day and turn it into something interesting and new. Right now, I do love the turn that fashion is making into being a little more accessible. It’s not just for the elite anymore. Street wear has been a major move in fashion, but it’s kind of outrageous that some pieces cost so much. I used to admire fashion from afar because I could never wear some of the stuff because of my body type, but now there are more trends that I can wear. I love what Virgil [Off-White] does. Also, you can make an outfit from anything now, your outfit doesn’t have to be designer. I don’t think style is about money and I really don’t like when people only wear designer. I love to thrift. You definitely don’t need money to be fashionable.


M: Do you have any fashion rules?

C: Personally, I mostly pair comfy with dressy. If I am going to wear a skirt, I’ll try to find a pair of Nike’s to wear with it. Or if I’m going to wear a button up shirt, I’ll try to pair it with cool sweats. I like mixing things that don’t really go together

M: What is your favorite trend for these upcoming summer months?

C: It took me awhile to get on board with the biker shorts thing, but I’m into it now. I love sneakers, I love all the collabs that are happening in the sneaker industry. It gives a fresh take on something classic. I like that we’ve moved towards simple clothing and we add more accent pieces like a cool shoe or cool belt. It just works more with my body type, so I like that. I like seeing that women are being included more in street wear, but I also love that we are breaking gender barriers. You can be a straight man and love fashion and I just love that. Like Young Thug wore a dress on his recent album cover and I loved that. Everyone is into fashion and pushing boundaries.

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M: Your blog is so awesome and filled with great inspo. What is your favorite part about blogging?

C: I just love when people message me and tell me that they love my posts. I have even had people ask me to go shopping with them, and that’s my favorite thing when people love it because I’m just being myself. My style is totally for me, so it’s cool when people like it. I’m in a rut right now and feeling hella uninspired so that part is hard. I’m not about getting free shit from companies and telling people to buy it. I don’t really like that that’s what blogging has become. I just like that it’s my own creative outlet and the fact that people respond to it makes it really rewarding.

M: You’ve had your blog for a couple years now, right? Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to start a blog?

C: Beyond all the technical stuff, I would say don’t be afraid to let it evolve. When I first started my blog, I tried to be something I wasn’t. I felt like I had to conform to what a blogger was, but I got over that and it has evolved into something that is more genuine. Just let it grow into what it is meant to be and grow with it. Also, know you’re worth. If you start something, first make sure it fulfills your purpose, but if people reach out to you for your services, don’t undersell yourself. There’s people out there that can’t do what you can do, so if they reach out to you know the value of what you do.


I highly suggest following Cristina’s Instagram @tinaaaclavell and her blog for fresh and unique fashion inspo.


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