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Mentallectual: Catherine Elizabeth Patton

For those who believe social anxiety’s lie that something is wrong with You: 

Dearest You,

I hope this letter finds You well. Not the you that you think people will like more, but You. The quirky, unique, peculiar, individual one who’s been dying to see the light of day – all day – no matter where you are. The one you’re almost terrified to share with the world out of fear that they won’t get You…that something must be wrong with You. 

In the event that You’re reading this, I want to express to you just how amazing and talented and extraordinary You actually are. You’re capable of wonders that you always tell Yourself could never happen. You ARE a force. You are NOT perfect, but a magnificent and magnetic flawed and captivating force. Nothing around you can take away from You. Let Yourself shine and know that Your light is what is needed here.

My undying hope is that you learn to let Yourself take the front seat. Yes, it will probably be terrifying and trigger the strongest and scariest anxious thoughts…and no, things probably won’t get easier as quickly as you wish, but You WILL thank yourself for the strength to let You be known. Begin to love on Yourself – to give Yourself a chance to know the feeling of being loved. Be loved by yourself in fullness of Yourself – until You can take your place…and soar from there. You have been hidden away for too long, protected from the chance of being hurt – hurt by what you think others idea will be of You, but in the same breath hidden from beautiful possibilities. I think it’s time that You let yourself be seen and known. 

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If you think no one understands the fear that comes with Your liberation, I do. I hope this letter helps you to know and outwardly become the You that you’re so afraid to share…You are exactly what we’ve been missing and exactly what we want. No one else. Not you, but YOU.

Yours truly, CEP.

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