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Meet Big Zeus: The LA Rapper Who Is Redefining What It Means to Be a Mexican Rapper
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Hailing from the streets of South Central LA, we have Mexican rapper, Big Zeus. He’s from the Crenshaw District to be specific.

He’s not just your ordinary Mexican rapper, or Chicano gang rapper, nor a Latino trap artist. Big Zeus is in his own category, his own lane. His music is very diverse, and each track is not like the other. Some of his tracks are very lyrical like his single “Primo & Infinity.” Then he has singles that are very energetic and upbeat like his track “Great Ape.” 

Big Zeus recently released his single, “Facetime.” The record was just a freestyle for him, just a fun song. He was with his team in the studio having a good time, and then he heard the beat. The rest was history. “I was just in the studio one day and was drinking some mimosas and smoking. I heard the beat come on and just jumped in the booth and went in. My team and I just laughed at how quick and fun the record was made,” he said.  

Right after he released “Facetime,” he went and released his Subliminal EP. But if that wasn’t enough, he just released his new project 90043. Big Zeus has been keeping himself busy this year, and he doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. 

So, allow me to tell you more about the talented Big Zeus. 

Who is Big Zeus?

Jesus Rivera first got the nickname Zeus during his high school days. He doesn’t remember how he got the nickname or how it stuck. “I really don’t remember how I got the name but I thought It was badass, made a statement, and separated me from the other artist in the industry,” Rivera said.  So, he started to go by Lord Zeus. But it wasn’t until recently that Rivera wanted to rebrand himself and change his name to Big Zeus. 

The Mexican rapper has always had an appreciated of music since a very young age, and always had an interest. But he didn’t always have the courage or the finances to pursue his dream.

“I always wanted to play an instrument but couldn’t afford to buy one. So, when I got an electric guitar from Costco when I was like 13, I was hyped. I taught myself how to play from just trying things and YouTube videos,” said Zeus. When the strings from the electric guitar popped, he didn’t know where or how to fix them. That was it for his music career for a while.

Then he went on a different path, but still in music. He tried to start making beats. He did that for a bit, and then quit because it was too tedious for him. But that wasn’t the end of his dream. Two years after he graduated high school, he went to school to learn how to be an audio engineer. 

“I gave myself 3 months total because I hated school. But I fell in love with it and graduated and went straight to work,” said the Mexican rapper. 

While he was in school and working as an audio engineer, he would write things down. But he still wasn’t rapping. “One day I got put on the spot and was told to spit what I was writing. It came out naturally I caught the flow of the song, and really tried to take it seriously from there on,” said Zeus. 

How does his surroundings influence him?

Big Zeus’s music is heavily influenced by his environment, his community, and his loved ones. He is very unapologetic in his raps and stays to true to who he is. 

“The best way I can describe what type of artist I am is that I’m diverse. I can story tell and I ‘m very big on wordplay. I’m always unapologetic and myself at all times. And I talk about my environment and daily life,” said Big Zeus.

The Crenshaw District has a big impact on his outlook on not just his music, but life overall. His community has one of the biggest influences in his life and music. “I’m influenced by my environment. Coming from the hood, gangs and gun violence is nothing I’m new to me. It’s kind of wild how numb I am to gunshots and all the b.s. that goes down here,” said Zeus. 

Through his music, he doesn’t want people to see the negatives of the hood. Instead, he tries to convey how he sees the inner cities and the people in them. 

“I want to give people a look through my eyes. I don’t see the hood as dangerous, or dirty. There is beauty in my community. From the culture to the people working as a collective to reach and do something bigger than themselves, and the brotherhood and loyalty people have for each other,” he said about where he is from. 

What was behind his Subliminal EP?

Subliminal is his debut EP and a project that he has been working on since he first started music. “It’s full of a lot of storytelling, different cadences. And a lot of quotable bars and play on words,” he said while describing the EP. 

Finishing the EP wasn’t an easy task for the Mexican rapper. He describes the process as being tough. There was point in his career where he wanted to try new and different sounds, try to find his lane, but still stay true to himself. Then one night, Big Zeus locked himself in the studio with a couple of beats, and it was the birth of Subliminal. He would be in the studio for a few days out of the week for a couple of months. 

“I was knocking out songs left and right. And only coming back to them to add the final touches and that was it. A lot of records are old and some are from last year but I wanted the viewers and supporters to hear the growth in the music,” he said. 

His Subliminal EP was inspired by the music industry. He felt like the industry was missing something that was once there in the past. “I felt like it was missing the OG sound of storytelling and real messages behind some dope ass bars,” Rivera said. 

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What inspired 90047?

After the release of his debut EP, Big Zeus released his project 90047. On the project, we get to see what South LA is like through his eyes. He hopes people can look at his work and his perspective of the hood he grew up in. And to shine the light on what 90047 means to him. 

90047 isn’t like any of his other projects. “You’ll get a lot more bouncier/wavy records. You know something to roll up to and cruise in the car. Then you have the deeper messages in the last few records, showing that it’s not all cool and glitz and glamour. There is a negative downside to coming from where I come from,” he said.

His team’s reaction was surprising when they were in the studio. They had never heard him do anything like this before. And all the people who got to hear the project before the release was impressed and told him “It’s very LA.” Big Zeus does believe that the project is “very LA” as well. He enjoyed making 90047 and believes that all the tracks reflects that. 

What else can we expect from Big Zeus?

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Big Zeus will begin to release some visuals and more singles. He also is working on a mixtape with his team, Vicious Cycle. 

Not only does Big Zeus rap, but he also dabbles in the fashion world. He started the clothing brand Vicious Cycle. His clothing brand Vicious Cycle with another clothing brand recently had a debut event named Vicious House event. 

 He also has a few events coming up. 

“I’m reaching out to more people to work and collaborate with me, and my team. So, expect more content such as music visuals, events, and new clothing,” he said. 

What went down at the Vicious House event?

Just recently, Zeus and his friend Shake through a collaborative event that helped launch both of their brands. Shake has his own clothing brand called Shakers House. The title of the event was Vicious House; a combination of both brands’ names. 

Big Zeus had his Vicious Cycle music collective perform for the event. He also had a fashion show debuting some of the clothes from his clothing line. 

The event also featured other entrepreneurs, models, and artists. “The event was to promote our brands’ launch. Also, it involved entrepreneurs from around the LA area such as Bossbartini, (an independent mobile bar service), and few photographers such as Dianna Parra and SznOfTheCzar,” he said.

The event was a hit and served as networking, as well as a showcasing event.

Where can we find Big Zeus’ work?

You can follow him on Instagram @official_BigZeus, Twitter @Big__Zeus, and Facebook @bigzeusRecords. 

You can also find him on YouTube. And here is his website for his clothing brand.

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