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Meet Berlin Based Photographer, Anastasiia Zbrozhek

Scrolling through Anastasiia’s instagram, you are able to dive deep into the beauty of Berlin, Germany with a dash of fashion and looks from the woman behind the lens. We were able to catch up with her to chat a bit about her photography, her style, and life in Berlin. Check it out below.

Who are you and what do you do creatively?

My name is Anastasiia Zbrozhek and I am a photographer, model, and artist. Most of the time I do photography or I model myself. I feel both comfortable in front and behind the camera. The rest of the time I paint, but it’s more like a hobby, I do it to relax and clear my mind.

You do seem to be very comfortable in front of the camera, your style is amazing! What inspires your everyday look?

Thank you! My everyday look is inspired and sponsored by my awful taste [laughs]. I am a big fan of weird, incompatible, absurd clothes–styles and prints. My style is probably the only thing that doesn’t really fit into the city, cause everyone here wears more plane or relaxed outfits, but I like my looks a bit more extra. And my favorite part about this whole style story is that all my friends have this separated “Anastasiia would wear this” category in their minds and while shopping they always find something that I would like. That’s amazing.

Are you originally from Berlin?

I was born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine. In 2016 I moved to Berlin and fell in love with this city. I definitely feel myself more comfortable here than back in Odessa, although both cities have a very special place in my heart. But I’m also open to trying out the life in other cities as well, in Europe, Asia, or America, it doesn’t really matter. I’m curious to experience different lifestyles and get inspired.

We recently talked to an artist based in Berlin and he raved about falling in love with the city also. What is the creative community like there?

Berlin is nothing like the rest of Germany, it’s so modern, free and inspiring. The city is filled with talented, beautiful, fashionable people. Here, everyone is free to do things that bring pleasure and joy. Here, you will always find your audience, because Berliners love, support, and respect all kinds of art and self-expression. I am blessed to start my career in this city.

How did your passion for photography begin? 

I guess it all started back when I was a kid. My mom loved to take pictures of me in different outfits and places. I was already passionate about the whole process because it was so much fun, and the fact that such a small thing, like a Polaroid camera, is able to produce photos in front of you, impressed me so hard that I don’t really remember a single period of time in my life when I wasn’t doing photography. I just couldn’t stop. I’m a very passionate person and if I like something, I’m going to stay with it for a long time, a really long time.

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Do you remember your first camera?

Not sure if I can count Polaroid because it’s basically my mom’s camera. My very first and own camera I got in 2009, at the age of 13. I still remember how crazy I was about it. I carried it everywhere around and I took pictures literally of everything I saw. Then I started to take photos of my friends and family members, it was a lot of fun back in that time.

Can you describe your style of photography and what inspires that particular style?

If I think of a specific style in my work, I would probably go for realism, but in the way I see it. I’ve been told I’m a very optimistic person and I believe so too. I always try to see beauty and good in everything that surrounds me and I also try to show it in my work. And it feels like I did a pretty good job so far [laughs]. The biggest inspiration source for me is people. So many faces, stories, lives, and every single one is so unique. And when I’m inspired by someone, I want to memorize it, save it, and show to other people so they can get inspired as well. I enjoy sharing beauty, good vibes, and travels of course. So many amazing places to be inspired by. I would definitely spend a few years straight just traveling around and getting new experiences and emotions.

You truly are an amazing and beautiful person. My final question is, in five years, what do you want to be known for?

I learned not to make plans, but to follow my heart. I don’t know what is waiting for me tomorrow and which way I will choose in five years, but I am sure that I want to be known for my work, regardless of what field of activity I choose as the main one.

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