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Make Us High When We Feel “Low, Low, Low”: A Sit Down With Aron Blom

Brekfast had the opportunity to sit with Swedish singer-songwriter and Cosmos Music  recording artist, Aron Blom. Aron sat down with us to discuss his musical background, artistic process, his new single “Low, Low, Low” and thoughts on success.

Musical Beginnings

Aron, born in Stockholm, Sweden comes from a musical background that has impacted his life and career choice. Aron tells us, “My parents are both musicians, and looking back at it, I remember a lot of live concerts and tours during the summer breaks. Money was up and down I guess, as for most musicians, and they broke up early, but I’d say I’ve had a happy and a lucky childhood!”

These positive, yet challenging experiences as a child no doubt encouraged his musical development as a teen. Aron adds, “I started quite late considering. Around 14 years old I started taking guitar lessons, and found I had a knack for it. But I was, and still am, terrible at practicing, so I still can’t do any of the fancy stuff. But me and some friends started a band, and we had no singer, so I started singing until we’d fill the spot. At around that time my voice was hitting puberty, and I really disliked my voice, but I remember borrowing my mom’s recorder and recording myself over and over and listening back, until i started getting used to the sound of my own voice.”

Songwriting and “Low, Low, Low”

Aron’s musicianship doesn’t end with playing guitar and vocals. It extends to songwriting. Aron began writing songs shortly after exploring his voice and the guitar. In his words, “(at) 18 years old, I was celebrating the Christmas holidays with my mom down in Skåne. She had given me an electric guitar as a Christmas gift, and we were in this old house without internet. By this time I hadn’t played much music for the last 2 years or so, and I was quite rusty and didn’t know what to play. So I started playing just random chords instead and writing down some lyrics for it. And I guess something just clicked, cause I loved it and suddenly dropped pretty much everything else for it and always have been ever since.My process differs a lot from time to time, but late late laaaate at night seems to be trending unfortunately.”

After listening to Aron’s single  “Low, Low, Low.” It is apparent that he has grown tremendously since his teen years. The song gives a sense of hope and self-reflection in a world where despair is, dare we say, inevitable. Aron reflects on life’s complexity “too often…way to often,” according to him. Aron gives us details on how the song, “Low, Low and Low” was created, “Last fall, I was writing with Jake Mason, from the band ”Cookin’ On 3 Burners”, when the shooting in Vegas started. We both had relatives and friends in the states so we ended up following the events there and it kind of affected us quite heavily. We didn’t write specifically about the events there, but we definitely drew from it when we started. It took a turn though when we towards the chorus realized that we were tired of sad songs and wanted to write something a bit more cheery.” We thoroughly impressed and moved by this inspiring narrative.

Performance Blunders

So, we are curious about whether Aron has an interesting performance story like so many of artists do. Aron enthusiastically shares, “ I played a concert that had to last for 2 hours a while back, but didn’t have enough material for the full thing, so I had to rely on a lot of talking in between the songs, which has usually been a bit awkward for me. But I made it through alive and with a few new tricks up my sleeve.” It’s great to know that Aron is quickly learning to be flexible with his performing style.

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Success in a Nutshell

Finally, like many of our Brekfast interviews, Aron gave us his recipe for success, “Make your own definition of success, and put it really close ahead of where you are at the moment. Works wonders! Then keep the fancy stuff over there in the horizon, so you know up from down etc.” Keep up the fantastic work, Aron!


STREAM “Low, Low, Low” Below!

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