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“boys will harm your mental health” a playlist by photographer Dawn Ross

This playlist curated by photographer Dawn Ross, serves as an ode to the good, the bad and the often times ugly emotions that boys left her with after they got what they needed and went along their way.

Starting with Amy Winehouse and spiraling through Solange, Alanis Morissette and many other legendary artists ending with Deniece Williams, the playlist coincides with Ross’ “Boys” series that dropped just about two weeks ago. Shot were models Kenny Wayne, Damian Smith, Rex Allen and Shorin Estell.

The models portray not so distant memories of Ross’ past romantic, platonic and familial relationships.

The photos invoke many feels including pain (both emotional and physical), betrayal, confusion, lust, anxiousness and most importantly… love.


In an interview with one of her subjects, Rex Allen, Dawn gives the entire background of the series, including Ross’ diagnosis of being bipolar.

In a follow-up Q&A about her “Boys” series, Ross talks about how the series originally had nothing to do with her being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. According to Ross, the series was well underway before she had even found out that she had the disorder. The diagnosis seemed to have fallen perfectly into place though, as the series began to take its artistic form.


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